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Adore Baby Antibacterial Laundry Soap (Pack of 3)

Good for baby clothes & fabrics, including bedding, blankets, sheets, towels, swaddlers, burp cloths and more; part of our exclusive range of new baby soap essentials
Safe and convenient for hand and machine wash
Making it easy and convenient for parents.
Anti-Bacterial: Kills commonly found bacteria and fungi that can get attached to baby’s clothes from sweat, drool, food spillage, etc. thus keeping them germ free and safe for baby.



Adore antibacterial laundry soap can be used on any type and kind of fabric, and it will clean it all. The antibacterial properties of the laundry soap ensure the removal of unwanted bacteria along with stains without affecting the color of the fabric. This laundry soap is ideal for multiple materials like:

Handkerchief linen
Eyelet cotton
Jersey knit fabric
Microfiber fabrics,Bamboo rayon, etc.


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